Burdens of Beauty

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If you wish to be considered to be interviewed within the documentary film itself (i.e. cast as one of the ten women), you must E-mail a brief letter telling us the nature of the abuse you have suffered, your name, age, telephone number, E-mail address, and a current photo of yourself. We will get back to you by E-mail within a few days. Our only parameters to be considered are that you are female, between the age of 18 and 65, and that you are potentially able to travel to Chicago, IL., USA for a few days in either June-August of 2017.

Since this a documentary film, you would not be paid for acting because you would not be acting. Expenses will be covered if you are selected to appear in the film. If you are a current SAG actor, participating in a documentary does not jeopardize your SAG status as documentaries are not covered by SAG rules & regulations. If you wish to be considered, please click the yellow button below, type in the required information and attach a jpeg picture of yourself. You will be contacted within a few days by a member of our staff. And thank you in advance... for your courage.

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